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News 2018

January 2018

  • 19 Jan 18: The final Cumulatives Report from FISTS CW Club Americas has been published by Dennis K6DF.

    This newsletter contains the results and soapbox comments for the Cumulatives on-air sessions during 2018.

    Please note that the Cumulatives have now finished and are not running in 2018.  Congratulations to the certificate and key winners and thank you to everyone who has participated.

  • 17 Jan 18: The FISTS CW Club Europe BrassPounder January 2018 newsletter has just been published by David G4YVM, Activities Manager.

    BrassPounder provides the results and comments for FISTS CW Club on-air Activities in Europe/UK.

    This edition includes details of the final results for the 2017 Ladder and Straight Key Week.

  • 13 Jan 18: Please join us in the FISTS CW Club Europe on-air Ladder activity:
    • Ladder Sunday 14 January 1400-1600 & 1800-2000 UTC.
      Activity is typically around 14.058, 7.028, & 3.558 MHz.  Exchange a minimum of:
          Name, QTH, RST, & member number (if applicable).

      QSOs are friendly and conversational.  Submitting logs is very much appreciated but not essential.  Members from all FISTS Chapters are encouraged to join in; QSOs do not have to be with FISTS members.
  • 08 Jan 18: We're very pleased to welcome our latest FISTS CW Club members:

    NameCallNo. NameCallNo. NameCallNo.
    HermanVK7HW#15220 TristanMW3VJN#18448 DonK6LPQ#18464
    KarenVK2AKB#15221 MikeG4TSQ#18449 ChristopherN0UK#18465
    BrettVK2CBD#15222 DerekN0GB#18453 PhilipWA0NLK#18466
    AngelN4SNI#18388 MelanieK0MBM#18454 JohnAF6HC#18467
    AndiDL5CG#18439 RobertNQ1A#18455 BobAF4OI#18468
    TrevorG0KIN#18440 CharlesWS6A#18456 QRU Radio ClubKX4S#18470
    AriOH2ECG#18441 DouglasK1CTR#18457 CurtisK4TL#18471
    JohnGW0RAD#18442 GeneW2BXR#18458 MartinKM6MFI#18472
    GrahamG4JBD#18443 DavidKM4QVM#18459 MarkVA6MPJ#18473
    JimGI4SZW#18444 MichaelNG0C#18460 MichaelKM6PCX#18474
    RobertG7IOC#18445 DavidKD9SU#18461 PaulK7AZT#18475
    BernardON7ZH#18446 ThomasWD5GBS#18462 Tony2E0FTF#18550
    MauIZ0GPP#18447 AaronKG6OVR#18463    
  • 02 Jan 18: Please join us in congratulating the recent FISTS CW Club Awards winners:

    AndySP9NLI#3741 Prefix
    PhilK4NE#13030 Silver Century, Millionaire, Millionaire 2 Million Endorsement

    For more information about FISTS Awards, available free to paid-up members worldwide, please see the Awards web page.
  • 02 Jan 18: If you haven't already, please submit your logs for the following December 2017 activities:

    Even if you only had one QSO or feel that you won't be highly placed, please do send in logs to encourage others to join in.
  • 01 Jan 18: The "winter/spring" EuCW Snakes & Ladders run starts today, Monday 01 January, and finishes at the end of 30 June (UTC).

    If you've not participated previously, now is a great time to start.  QSOs must take at least five minutes, stations contacted must be European stations and the mode must be CW.  Each station may be contacted once per day, irrespective of the band.

    For more details, please see the comprehensive rules.

    Have a very Happy New Year from all at FISTS CW Club.

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