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Website Changes

This page includes some of the more significant changes made to the website.

Date Description
12 Aug 2019 There is a new Club Projects web page that covers ongoing club construction projects, which include the FMT Morse tutor.  The page contains links to the projects' documentation.
21 Apr 2019 Logged-on members in any FISTS "Chapter" can use a new link / page in the Members' Area to view a list of Awards and Activities logs sent in via the FISTS Log Converter program by them or on their behalf.
23 Feb 2019 Moved the 2018 news into a separate web page.
08 Oct 2018 As the Google+ social media platform is closing to non-commercial users in August 2019, I have removed links to it on this website and will no longer be posting news items on it.
18 Jun 2018 With a lot of help from Michael G0POT, the Links web page has had a major clean up to sort out the dead links.  It also includes four new links.
14 May 2018 Added the FISTS Europe Word Search Activity 2018 to the Activities Calendar.
22 Jan 2017 Logged-on members in any FISTS "Chapter" can use a new link / page in the Members' Area to view a list of the FISTS CW Club Awards issued to them.
11 Jan 2017 Moved the FISTS Log Converter download web page out of the Members' Area into the root of the website.  This is because it is not restricted to club members; anyone is welcome to use the program.
08 Jul 2016 Very occasionally after logging on, instead of being redirected to the original page that caused the logon, a non-existent web page "/undefined" is being requested by the user's browser.  Searching the web suggests that the most likely cause is buggy browser add-ins.

To mitigate this, if the page "/undefined" is requested, the web server will now redirect the user to the Members' Area web page if logged on, and if not, to the website's home page.
04 Jul 2016 There is a new DXCC League for FISTS CW Club page that shows the DXCC League for current (paid-up) FISTS members for each individual FISTS Chapter or all Chapters.  The league is based on Club Log's DXCC Leagues.
09 Jan 2016 The Activities Calendar page was getting unwieldy, so I split it into two separate pages:
07 Jan 2016 Members of FISTS Americas can now log onto the FISTS Europe Members' Area using their FISTS Americas password.
01 Jan 2016 Moved last year's news to its own 2015 web page.
03 Dec 2015 Previously the default for text on the website was to be 'justified'.  This doesn't look good when text is in a narrow column and is not recommended for accessibility.  So, I've removed this now and made text left-justified.
21 Nov 2015 Logons to the Members' Area are now based on member number rather than callsign, so each member now has a single password regardless of how many callsigns they hold and can log on with any registered callsign or their member number.
21 Apr 2015 Changed the logo in the web pages' header and revised the tag lines.
28 Feb 2015 The short event list on the home page and the long list on the Upcoming Events pages are now updated automatically on the day following an event.
06 Feb 2015 Various web pages changed to reflect the change of name of FISTS North America to FISTS Americas.
02 Feb 2015 Added month headings to the Upcoming Events page.
01 Jan 2015 Added news pages for 2013 and 2014.
21 Nov 2014 Updated the Activities Calendar and Upcoming Events pages for 2015.
08 Aug 2014 Made some changes to the logon page to make it clearer if the logon fails.
09 Jul 2014 Added the 100 Yards Dot Dot Dash activity to the Activities Calendar and Upcoming Events pages.
29 May 2014 Added the new FISTS Two Metre Activity to the Activities Calendar page and a Distances for FISTS Two Metre Activity page to calculate distances for it.  As part of this, added details of the 'locator' cookie to the Privacy and Cookie Policy page and brought the Nochex & PayPal information up to date.
02 Jan 2014 Split up the news page so that 2012 items are on a separate page:
FISTS News 2014-2013
FISTS News 2012
16 Dec 2013 Updated the Activities Calendar and Upcoming Events pages for 2014.
27 Jun 2013 Restored PayPal details to the Club Sales and Order Replacement Membership Certificate web pages.
26 Apr 2013 The News web page was getting far too large, so it is now split into four pages: FISTS News 2013-2012, FISTS News 2011, FISTS News 2010 and FISTS News 2009.  If an external website links to one of the older news items, the main news page should redirect to the one with the correct year.
12 Mar 2013 Added a new FISTS Affiliated Clubs web page.
25 Jan 2013 Added new payment pages for annual renewals and re-joining members.
23 Jan 2013 It is now possible to log into the Members' Area using a member number instead of a callsign or SWL id.
06 Jan 2013 Updated the Activities Calendar and Upcoming Events pages for 2013.
24 Nov 2012 Added new payment pages for new members.
24 Sep 2012 For members who use Winlog32, there is now a member list file available from the Members' Area Member Lists page that can be used with the Winlog32 FISTS lookup feature.
26 Jul 2012 Changed the Members' Area main web page so that it has a direct link to the latest Key Note.
23 Jul 2012 Added a new web page to the Members' Area that gives access to the latest version of Key Note.
22 May 2012 Updated the 25th Anniversary Mug page to say that the offer is now closed and removed two supporting web pages.
14 May 2012 Added links to the new FISTS CW Club Google+ page on the Home and News pages.
05 May 2012 Replaced the mug photo at the top of the web pages with an image containing '25 Years 1987-2012'.
02 May 2012 Added a page with details of the FISTS 25th Anniversary Glassware.
13 April 2012 Added a new version (2.4.0) of the FISTS Log Converter Windows program to the website,  The new version now covers the FISTS Down Under Awards.
27 Mar 2012 Added a mug photo to the top of the web pages, linked to a new FISTS Silver Anniversary: 25 Years Promoting Morse Code web page.
06 Mar 2012 Members can now view their subscription renewal date and subscription type (Paper or Internet) on the main Members' Area web page.
10 Feb 2012 Previously if a public web page was opened using a "fists.co.uk" URL (i.e. no "www.") then a link to a page or file in the Members' Area was followed, there was an unnecessary prompt to log on even if already logged on.  This is now fixed.
02 Feb 2012 Made some adjustments to the font sizes and layout in the header section of the web pages due to a report of the text overflowing into the buttons.
The top-left logo on the web pages is now hyperlinked to the home page.
25 Jan 2012 Added pages with details of the FISTS 25th Anniversary Coffee/Tea Mug page.
23 Dec 2011 The website now has a Privacy and Cookie Policy page, linked to from each page.
21 Dec 2011 The eBook (.PRC) versions of Key Note can now be downloaded directly.  (Previously they were .ZIP files.)
02 Dec 2011 Added a new version (2.3.0) of the FISTS Log Converter program to the website to cover the 2012 Awards and European Activities.  Also added some thumbnails linking to full screen snapshots on the web page.
29 Nov 2011 Added a CSQ Reporting System page containing information about the system proposed as a multi-mode replacement for RST.
20 Oct 2011 Added a search box and button to the bottom of all pages.
30 Sep 2011 Updated the subscription pages to say that payment by cash is at the sender's risk and that we can no longer accept bank transfers from banks outside the UK due to most of the payment being taken away in bank charges.
23 Sep 2011 Added a page explaining what the WARC bands are and linked to it from the Activities Calendar and the Awards pages.
21 Sep 2011 Added a site search box and button to the bottom of the home page as an experiment.
20 Sep 2011 Added a Forms and Documents page that provides a central collection of links to forms and documents.

Updated the Standing Order form so that the start date is 1st April 2012.
02 Sep 2011 The G3ZQS Silent Key page now contains a small image of Goeran SM0PMJ's membership certificate, which was the very last one issued and signed by Geo G3ZQS.  The image links to a large image on the new page Goeran SM0PMJ's Membership Certificate.

Discovered that the helpful page for when a requested web page does not exist ("404 Not Found" error) wasn't appearing.  This is now fixed.
22 Aug 2011 The Activities & Awards page now contains a short description and a photograph from the NARSA Norbreck Rally 2011.
21 Aug 2011 Added a "Log off" link to the main Members' Area web page.
19 Aug 2011 For convenience, added a new Upcoming Events page that contains the same contents as the home page's "Upcoming Events" box.
17 Aug 2011 Added an "Upcoming Events" box towards the top right of the home page giving a list of, and links to, upcoming events.
04 Feb 2011 Added a small photograph of Billy AB4RH's key #1 to the home page linked to a new page with a larger photograph and description.
03 Feb 2011 In addition to RSS Subscribe to RSS news feed, news items are now posted to our new Twitter Follow FISTS_CW_Club on Twitter and Facebook Go to FISTS CW Club on Facebook pages.
01 Feb 2011 Added images of many of the award certificates to the Awards page.

Removed references to Fist of the Year now that it's closed for 2010 nominations.
17 Jan 2011 Added a new version (2.2.0) of the FISTS Log Converter program to the website.
10 Jan 2011 Members of FISTS in Europe can now nominate their choice of Fist of the Year 2010 on the website.  This feature will be available until 31st of January 2011.
23 Dec 2010 Added a new version (2.1.0) of the FISTS Log Converter program to the website.
08 Dec 2010 Updated the Software page and added a dedicated page to cover the new version (2.0.1) of the FISTS Log Converter program.
10 Nov 2010 Anyone who hasn't changed their password yet will now have to do it when they next visit any secure pages in the Members' Area.
24 Oct 2010 The Activities Calendar page now includes Rob M0BPT's 2011 Activities.
12 Oct 2010 Added a Change Password page to the Members' Area page.
16 Sep 2010 What was the "Activities & Events" page is now "Activities & Awards" and I've revised the first part of it to try to emphasize the on-air activities and make the links more obvious.  I've also revised the Awards page so that the general instructions are at the top of the page and I've taken out the additional guidelines information and put it onto a new Awards Guidelines page.
04 Sep 2010 Added the Arrange Slow Speed Morse (QRS) Contacts page to the Members' Area so that members can contact other members who are willing to arrange QRS QSOs.
18 Aug 2010 When logging on to the Members' Area, you now need to provide your callsign as well as a password.
03 Aug 2010 The Awards page has been updated to bring it into line with the details on the FISTS North America web site.  This includes:
- details of how the band should be logged for the Millionaire Award.
- the start date for the CW / Phone Area Code Award.
13 Jul 2010 There is a new page for ordering replacement Member Certificates.
The Members' Area page has been re-arranged as it was getting unwieldy.
24 May 2010 The Measure Callsign Weight page and the Member Lists page now allow the use of "slashed zeros" in callsigns.  Thanks to Rob G4LMW #14000 for bringing this to my attention.
17 May 2010 The Activities & Awards page now contains a link to a new Activity Results page giving access to all Activity Results, which comprises BrassPounder newsletters, Exchange Your Age Week results, Straight Key Week results and EUCW QRS Party results.

I've also added a Silent Keys page to remember some of our members.
14 May 2010 On the Member Lists page, I've removed the link to the Excel (.XLS) version of the member list.  The memlist.csv file is more useful because it contains worldwide current members and can be used in spreadsheet programs such as Excel or OpenOffice Calc.
07 May 2010 Sadly due to Fred G3VVP becoming a silent key, I've had to remove the reference to his Morse practice sessions from the Resources page.
21 Apr 2010 The Activities Calendar page now includes notes that the G0HGA VHF/UHF/SHF CW Activity 2010 was discontinued at the end of March 2010.
20 Apr 2010 Added web pages showing larger images of Dennis K6DF's Nye 320-001 Key, Bencher BY-1 Paddles and 1990 Vibroplex Semi-Automatic (Bug) Key.  These are now linked to from the small images on the Home page.
12 Apr 2010 The Activities & Awards page now contains photographs from the NARSA Norbreck Rally 2010.
09 Apr 2010 The public Key Notes Archive and the members' Key Notes Archive now include the audio MP3 versions recorded by Chris G5VZ.
03 Apr 2010 The public Key Notes Archive and the members' Key Notes Archive have been extended to include the very first ever FISTS Newsletter, published in October 1987.
02 Apr 2010 After feedback on the suitability of the site for visually impaired access, replaced the image used as a page header with two small images and real text.  Revised the image "alt" text on a number of images.
Made the "Updated" item at the bottom of each page a link to this (Website Changes) page.
Removed the second copies of the links on the Links page.
27 Mar 2010 Added a printable Standing Order form (UK banks only) to the Annual Renewal page.
14 Mar 2010 Added the program FISTS Log Converter 1.0.0 to the Software page.  If you keep an electronic log, this program makes it very easy to score FISTS Activities such as the Ladder and create logs in the format preferred by Rob M0BPT.
11 Mar 2010 Added a new page Download Member List CSV File to the Members' Area.  This page just has the download link for the memlist.csv file.  The file is already available from the Member Lists page but the new page makes the file easier to find and is intended for use with the FISTS Log Converter program to be released later this week.
19 Feb 2010 Access to the protected Members' Area pages and files is now using a different type of security.  This has reduced the time the pages take to display.  Also, after logging on you will now stay logged on for one month (provided you haven't disabled "persistent cookies" in your browser).
06 Feb 2010 The new Measure Callsign Weight page, which measures the "weight" (time taken to send) of callsigns in Morse, is available from the Resources page.
01 Feb 2010 I've moved the website from a Linux server computer to a Windows server computer.  The only noticable differences for now are that the exact case no longer matters in URLs (e.g. links.html, Links.html, LINKS.HTML etc. will all work fine) and when you go first go to the Members Lists page, the delay in the Online Search box and button appearing has gone.
30 Jan 2010 The Online Search feature now allows typing in more than one FISTS number or partial callsign at a time.
26 Jan 2010 The FISTS QSL Bureau page now contains details of the new G0, GD0, GI0, GJ0, GM0 and GU0 sub-manager.
19 Jan 2010 The public Key Notes Archive and the members' Key Notes Archive have been extended to include Key Notes from 1993 back to December 1988.
16 Jan 2010 The Activities Calendar page now includes the change to the G0HGA VHF/UHF/SHF CW Activity 2010 to include 23cm and 3cm (10GHz).
09 Jan 2010 The FISTS Awards and Contact Us pages now include the new FISTS Awards email address link text.
07 Jan 2010 I've added Standing Order details to the Annual Renewal page.  Please view the page via the Join or Renew page.
05 Jan 2010 As Twelfth Night starts at sunset today, I've removed the Christmas decorations from the web pages.  (Don't want any more bad luck with the Solar Cycle!)
04 Jan 2010 It turns out that the copy of the May 1993 Key Note has the wrong date printed in it and is actually the May 1994 Key Note.  It is now available under the correct year from the public Key Notes Archive and the members' Key Notes Archive.
30 Dec 2009 I've added a new page for Annual Subscriptions (2010-2011) and updated the subscriptions fees.  Please view the pages via the Join or Renew page.
18 Dec 2009 I've updated the Online Search feature on the Member Lists page.  The results for Eu/UK callsigns will now be more up-to-date (normally changes are incorporated within 24 hours).  (Results for North American, Australasian and East Asian callsigns will be as before - usually correct to within a week or two.)  Additionally, you can search for part of a callsign and display all matching results.  The callsigns are provided as links that you can click to go to the corresponding QRZ.COM web page.
09 Dec 2009 Added some seasonal decorations to the main web pages.
25 Nov 2009 The public Key Notes Archive and the members' Key Notes Archive have been extended to include most Key Notes between 1993 and 1999.
17 Nov 2009 Added Ian G6TGO, the Key Note VHF/UHF section writer, to the Contact Us page.
04 Nov 2009 The documents referred to on the Awards page were missing; I've uploaded them now.  Please report any problems such as broken links to the webmaster so I can fix them.
02 Nov 2009 Added a new page showing a full size version of Bill NT9K's Key Number 9 sideswiper key.  Added images of the FISTS CW Course to the Club Sales page. 
26 Oct 2009 Added new links to the Links page and also marked them in red to make it easy to spot recent additions.
24 Oct 2009 Revised the layout of the Awards page and brought it up-to-date to show all Awards offered by FISTS Chapters.
23 Oct 2009 Added details of the formation of the East Asia Chapter to the Home page.
19 Oct 2009 The Join or Renew page now leads to separate pages depending on whether you are a previous member or a new member.  (The previous dual-purpose page was causing some confusion.)
18 Oct 2009 The Club Sales page now includes the new-style standard QSL cards and the FISTS CW Course.
16 Oct 2009 The Awards page now gives Dennis K6DF as the contact for awards.
10 Oct 2009 The Club Sales page now allows online Credit Card or PayPal payments.
09 Oct 2009 The Join or Renew page now links to a Subscription page that allows online Credit Card or PayPal payments.
08 Oct 2009 Added images of Morse keys to the Home page. 
06 Oct 2009 Added Rob M0BPT's 2010 Activities calendar to the Activities Calendar.
04 Oct 2009 Added more photographs to the Activities & Awards page.
Added a public page containing Key Notes from 12 months ago to 2000 Key Notes Archive.  This is linked to from the Resources page.
Added a Site Map page and links to it in the page footers.
02 Oct 2009 The Activities & Awards page has been extended and new pages added covering the Activities Calendar and National Club Stations.
01 Oct 2009 The Frequencies page has been revised and now includes new advice and a printable chart.
The Links page now contains new categories and links.
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