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Welcome to FISTS CW Club

FISTS supports the use, preservation and education of Morse code.  The club is devoted exclusively to CW operators, CW operating and people who are passionate about Morse code.

NYE 320-001 Straight Key from Dennis K6DF's collection.  Click to go to a larger picture We have three straightforward goals:
  • Further the use of CW (Morse Code)
  • Engender friendships among members
  • Encourage newcomers to use CW (Morse Code)

FISTS UK is the Headquarters of the FISTS Club (International Morse Preservation Society).
Bencher BY-1 Paddle from Dennis K6DF's collection.  Click to go to a larger picture
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Latest News:

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  • 21 Oct 14: FISTS CW Club Eu Weekend Activities: The next FISTS Eu Ladder sessions are on Sunday 26 October, 14:00-16:00 & 18:00-20:00 UTC.
    *UK members:* Don't forget that from 26 October the clocks are back on UTC!

    The next FISTS Eu Two Metre Activity sessions are:
    - Sat. 25 October 1700-1800 UTC, Sun. 26 October 0900-1000 UTC.
    - Sat. 01 November 1700-1800 UTC, Sun. 02 November 0900-1000 UTC.
    - Sat. 08 November 1700-1800 UTC, Sun. 09 November 0900-1000 UTC.

    FISTS Eu Activities include relaxed, conversational QSOs and are an opportunity to meet up with other members.  Call CQ or call other people at a speed of your own choosing.  Members from other FISTS Chapters are invited to join in; contacts do not have to be with members of FISTS Eu.

    In the Ladder, activity is typically around 14.058, 7.028 and 3.558 MHz, and exchange a minimum of: name, RST received, QTH and (if applicable) FISTS member number.

    In the Two Metre Activity exchange a minimum of: RST, Name, 6 character Locator, and (if applicable) FISTS member number.  A calling frequency of 144.058 MHz can be used to establish contacts.  Logs are welcomed and QSOs count towards FISTS Awards.
  • Small Ofcom logo.
    19 Oct 14: UK Ofcom consultation ends on the 20th October!

    I hope that all UK amateurs reading this have responded to Ofcom's consultation, which "ends on the 20th" (presumably meaning that today (Sunday) is the last day for submitting responses).

    The consultation document is here:

    The details for responding (now by email or using the online form) are here:

    The RSGB's notes on some of the topics are here:

    One of the items is Ofcom's enthusiasm for making the link between regional prefixes and the region operating is taking place from optional.  E.g. if they have their way and you were to hear MD0QQQ on the air, the station could be located in England, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, etc. - there would no longer be a way to be sure.  This makes it very difficult for humans and software to determine DXCC entity (aka DXCC country) / region from callsign.
    For FISTS CW Club, an implication is that the FISTS Log Converter program will have problems scoring QSOs for the purposes of awards and activities since it will no longer be sure of the DXCC entity (country) based on callsigns.  The FISTS Awards Managers and FISTS Activity/Contest managers will have the same problem.
    The same issue will occur with other software and award schemes etc. worldwide.

    73 de Graham G3ZOD
  • 18 Oct 14: The October 2014 edition of the "morsEAsia" newsletter from FISTS East Asia is available.

    This edition includes the Tokyo Ham Fair 2014 and home made transceivers.

    FISTS East Asia was formed in 2004 to provide East Asian members with various services in their native languages.
  • 17 Oct 14: We're delighted to welcome our latest FISTS CW Club members:

    BruceZL2BCO#14181 DennyW0AKQ#16823 MichaelN5FUR#16824
    TerryVE3NMW#16825 MikeN9DLI#16826 RichardAG5M#16827
    MikeW9MIC#16828 JohnW7SAG#16829 TomKB8J#16830
    VirginiaW0NWH#16831 BillN4HAL#16832 JoeW5ASP#16833
    BillK2ONN#16834 TheodoreKB9SKP#16835 JohnKC7DM#16836
    KevinN1IME#16837 JohnN7ENL#16838 JoeN7JEH#16839
    GlennKA0HKF#16840 DonKW4DON#16841 BobKK4QYN#16842
    SteveKF5RYI#16843 LouVE7CGE#16844 ErichHB9FIH#16938
    KeithG4EQZ#16939 RayM0TRK#16940 KeithG3IGU#16941
    FrankIZ2DQB#16942 IanG0PDZ#16943 AndyM0HLA#16944
    PascalHB9FMC#16945 AlexM0UKR#16946 DaveG4RQI#16947
    TedG4OZG#16948 JimG3OJI#16949 Alan2E0GLD#16950
    DickG3WRJ#16951 ChrisG4CLB#16952 JohnM6FBO#16953
    BrodG4RBP#16954 SteveG8RHQ#16955 AndyG0SFJ#16956
    ChrisG0LQZ#16957 JohnnyM6OAO#16958 JohnM0CQV#16959
    PhilG4UDU#16960 GedG4MYA#16961 MelM5ZZR#16962
    DaveG4OCU#16963 ChrisG4JSP#16964 PhilG4NVR#16965
    StuartG4VMF#16966 HarryGI0JHR#16967 FabrizioIU0AHC#16968
    MarianOM5MI#16969 GaryM0PGH#16970 JackM6FRI#16971
    Paul2I0OTW#16972 KevG0SBE#16973 ChrisG4RSL#16974
    Graham2E0RZM#16975 ChrisDL2MDU#16977 DavidG4NRT#16978
    JoeDL4CF#16979 StuartM0SGV#16980 Gron2W0DFN#16981
    Odd ErlingLB1LF#16982
  • 13 Oct 14: The September 2014 FISTS Down Under newsletter is now publicly available.

    FISTS Down Under is the Australian & New Zealand Chapter of the FISTS CW Club.  If you are a current FISTS Member and would like to receive the latest newsletter (only available to members), please send an email to FISTS Down Under
  • 11 Oct 14: Please join us in congratulating the recent FISTS CW Club Awards winners:

    LorenAE7CG#8599 Silver Century
    RienPA7RA #9819 Millionaire 4 Million Endorsement
    JoaoCU3AA #16928 Basic Century, Silver Century, and Millionaire

    For more information about FISTS Awards, available free to paid-up members worldwide, please see the Awards web page.

Please visit the News page for a full list of recent and older news items.

Interested in becoming a member?

FISTS HQ welcomes new members who have a passion for Morse Code.

1990 Vibroplex from Dennis K6DF's collection. Click to go to a larger picture Benefits of membership include:
  • Our popular Quarterly A5 News Booklet
  • Free use of the FISTS QSL Bureau
  • Access to our members-only area
  • Help and support from like minded people
The FISTS Club is one of amateur radio's fastest growing organisations.  It's an unique club, founded and maintained on solid principles using radio's oldest and yet most reliable communications mode - CW!  Why not join us?

FISTS History

The FISTS Club, (International Morse Preservation Society) was founded in 1987 by the late George "Geo" Longden G3ZQS of Darwen, Lancashire England, after recognising a need for a club in which veteran operators would help newcomers and less-experienced operators learn and improve CW proficiency.  During the first year, membership reached 300, most of whom were in Great Britain and Europe.  The original Introduction to FISTS by Geo holds as true today as it did when he wrote it.  Geo also explains how he chose the name FISTS.

Sideswiper ('cootie') Key Number 9 made by Bill NT9K.  Click for a large picture.

The North American Chapter was formed in 1990 to assist 11 members in the USA receive the newsletter and as a banking convenience.  Nancy Kott WZ8C of Hadley, Michigan was named US representative, a position she held until sadly she became a Silent Key in 2014.

The Down Under Chapter (New Zealand / Australia) was formed in 1998 to provide a similar service to Australasian members, with Ralph Sutton ZL2AOH as the VK/ZL representative.  From a VK/ZL membership of four, there are now over 100 members "Down Under", principally in New Zealand. The New Zealand membership is the largest in any country outside England, Wales and North America.

The East Asia Chapter was formed in 2004 by a few Taiwanese and Japanese members to provide East Asian members with various services in their native languages.

Why not join us?

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dennis K6DF, Bill NT9K and Billy AB4RH for permission to use photographs from their key collections.

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